2017 Disaster Training Summit Equipment Expo

Canteens (Mobile Kitchens)

Our disaster mobile kitchens can serve up to 1500 meals a day.  These kitchens can prepare food on site or be utilized to transport prepared meals and deliver to individuals.  Strategically placed throughout the United States, these units are supported by local communities and volunteers.  However, when disaster strikes, they can be deployed to support other neighboring communities as needed.

Personnel Support Unit (PSU)

The Florida Division PSU, is a full housing alternative in the event that rooming is not available to volunteer personnel.  The unit consists of fourteen beds, four showers, and four toilets. Volunteer Agencies and Emergency Management may request this resource through the Florida Division Headquarters and/or the State & Local Emergency Management.           


Multiple generators that vary in size range from 30-85 kilowatts to are used to support field operations following disasters that damage utility infrastructure.  These units supply the supply the power to more than thirty pieces of response equipment.

Mobile Command Center (MCC)

Mobile Command Center
The MCC serves as a mobile command center where The Salvation Army Incident Management Teams coordinate disaster activities.  This command center is equipped with computer support, satellite and radio communications.

Laundry Unit

This self- contained air-conditioned laundry unit is capable of providing up to 30 loads per 8 hour shift when manned by support staff. The unit has 3 washers and 3 dryers, water storage tanks and its own electrical generator. It can be deployed with only a monitor that allows individuals to wash their own laundry. This unit is deployed along with our Emotional and Spiritual Care Team members providing an opportunity to meet with our survivors in an unhurried atmosphere.

Type III -EMK Field Kitchen

This 30’ field kitchen is estimated to serve 7500 meals per day. This is a new addition to the Texas Division Fleet.  This kitchen can be used to support responders or survivors of disasters on the front lines or at shelters.

Type II - Field Kitchen

Type II Field Kitchen
Fully equipped 53ft kitchen serves up to 20,000 meals daily.  These kitchens were deployed to Washington DC and New York following 9-11 to support emergency response personnel.  For hurricanes, these kitchens are mobilized as central locations for large populations to provide basic nutritional meals that help individuals begin the road to disaster recovery.

Rapid Response Unit (RRU)

The Texas Division Rapid Response Unit is the second generation of "catering trucks" with the flexibility to go into areas that the larger canteens cannot access while still providing an ample number of meals. The configuration allows for up to 6 Cambros of meals ready to serve with a full complement of snack service and iced drinks. The unit has an interior storage area that allows for a large pop up tent along with tables and chairs to provide a mobile feeding station capable of arriving, setting up and serving meals in a matter of minutes.

Shower Units

Up to eight showers in each trailer can be used to mobilize to meet survivors needs when other facilities are not available.  The use of these showers may be requested through the State or County Emergency Management and can be used to support most activities where shower support is needed.

Semi Tractors 

The Ford and Volvo Semi Tractors are used to transport the trailers listed above.