Monday Banquet & Keynote Address

Mr. Gordon Graham - Keynote Speaker

“Things that go wrong are predictable, and predictable is preventable,” says Gordon Graham, risk manager, practicing attorney, and retired police officer. His expertise in these areas have allowed him to rapidly become recognized as a leading voice in the areas of emergency and risk management.

Mr. Graham has taken his experience as a street cop, supervisor and manager coupled with his formal education to provide training to law enforcement, corrections personnel, fraud investigators, fire professionals, EMS, other first responders, legal professionals, educators, city, county and district employees, law firms, hospitals and real estate companies along with many other high-risk private sector organizations.

Mr. Graham has received numerous awards for his work including; the 1995 California Governor’s Award (sole recipient) for Excellence in Law Enforcement Training, the lifetime achievement award from California POST in 2008 and in 2015, the lifetime dedication award from the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute.

His penetrating wit coupled with his vast knowledge in multiple disciplines provides the enlightened listener with an information packed seminar.

Lt. Colonel Ronnie Raymer - Host

Divisional Commander for the Texas Division, since 2016, Lt. Colonel Ronnie Raymer provided leadership and guidance during The Salvation Army’s disaster response to Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Approving the mobilization of numerous officers, employees and volunteers throughout the great state of Texas, The Salvation Army was able to bring relief and hope to those displaced as a result of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.

Lt. Colonel Raymer was commissioned as an officer in 1982. Like most officers in The Salvation Army, Lt. Colonel and his wife Sharon, have held many different appointments throughout the Southern Territory. They have two sons, Jonathan, who is a Salvation Army Officer and married to Amanda, have three children. Their youngest son, David is an Audio Engineer.

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